Five Three Five Three is a series of playlists built with the intention of putting you in a specific place with a specific face at a specific space in time.


This first volume of the Five Three Five Three series is comprised of my absolute favorite G-Funk gems from my young flattop days right up until I started college in the Fall of 2001.

This is also the soundtrack of pre-owning-my-own-car life. I was either enjoying these jams on my headphones, on my Panasonic SA-AK24 Compact Bookshelf Stereo System, or on a borrowed car mission in my dad’s almost-primer-black 1989 Jeep Cherokee via the Radio Shack cassette deck adapter that was connected to my Panasonic SL-S361C portable CD player.

Thanks to the magic of Spotify, I listen to this volume on repeat in the crib almost daily (and loudly) on our Sonos home system and never get tired of it.

A whole lotta heat within. I hope you dig it.

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