Some days the wins don’t come, man. Or they ARE there but you just can’t see them at a quick glance like when the Amazon delivery driver doesn’t bless your front porch like they normally do.

But lo and behold you go check the back porch or your neighbor’s front door and BAM there it is! Today’s win might not be where you WANTED it to be, but if you assess the rest of your day and look a little harder you’ll eventually find it.

Finding your happiness is a full-time job, man. But just like a job, some days are easy and some days are less easy.

And speaking of a job, remember that a job should hold zero percent of your Happiness Pie Chart. Because as much as you bring your sharp mind to your grind, there are still a whole lot of other people involved in turning that ball of dough that you pass them into a successful pizza.


If you’re letting your happiness sit in job-related victories, then that piece of your Happiness Pie Chart is not solely the result of your own doing. It only lights up dependent on whether or not all those other people in the mix either cooperate beautifully or inadvertently stop the water from flowing down the river.

Keep that Happiness Pie Chart clean and in YOUR hands, my G. Go outside. Go down to the beach. Go drive “The Loop”. Put in some hours on the Nintendo Switch. Drink more water.

(this train of thought post was inspired by my little sister Lo sending me a text out of the blue just to check in and see what’s happening ❤️)

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